FOR AGES 12-18


At Highway Youth, we believe that every youth that walks through our doors on a Friday night has an incredible ability to change the world around them; and that ability is amplified when we centre our lives around Jesus Christ and His plan for us.

We believe in a culture where you belong, regardless of your past, gender, ideologies, interests, or really anything else. All you need to do to be one of us is to show up.

We believe that faith is a journey and not a destination; and that journeys have ups and downs, but that’s what makes them an adventure worth having.

We believe that Jesus Christ is the best thing to happen in our lives, and so we want to tell people about Him.

We believe in 1 Timothy 4:12 (you should look it up, it’s pretty good)

We believe that fun is a good thing and a Godly thing, and so we occasionally attempt it.

And finally, we believe that you’re always welcome here, and that we’d love to have you out this Friday!!!


Dan Lupo

Youth Pastor

Dan’s passion for the young people of this community is only exceeded by His love for God. He truly believes in the next generation, and that they can change this world for the better. He believes that life is an adventure, and that faith should be too. He is energetic, full of life, a little quirky, and maybe just a tad bit of a nerd.